Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's Not Rocket Science...

Michelle's "Top Ten Reasons Why Edward Cullen is Better Than a Human Guy (other than his obvious dazzle-inducing intensity and hypnotizing brilliance)."

10. Yes, women tend to like the "bad guy" type, but only to a certain point. Edward is smart enough not to be a jackass. He's not abusive or cruel, he just isn't a wuss either. He doesn't run around looking for a fight, but he can still kick your ass.

9. He's a little nuts. Admit it ladies, we're suckers for a guy who is a little more interesting than dinner and a movie. I'd love to climb (fly up) hundred foot trees on a Friday night, and being called "spider monkey" really does has an affectionate ring to it.

8. He can drive. I mean, really drive. I'm not much of a fancy car type (a car can't pull a horse trailer), but that little silver Volvo does it for me. Any guy (vampire) that can spin a 360 like that is more than okay in my book.

7. He knows how to feed a girl. I'm just sayin'. A good mushroom ravioli gets me every time. The little fact that he ignored the waitress with the cleavage spilling out of her shirt doesn't lose him any points either. If I point them out, fair game. Otherwise, I'm over here, pal.

6. The emotional eyes. I don't know many guys with such expressive sincerity. Feel it guys, we don't like dead eyes (no pun intended). We'll let the little fact that yours don't change color slide. Okay, I lied. We won't.

5. The whole "biting" thing. Seriously, what other long-term flirting strategy can you come up with that beats that? Yep. That's what I thought.

4. Personality. 'nuf said.

3. Vampire baseball. Sorry, guys. I don't see any of you cracking thunder-inducing bats. And to top it off, could he have picked a better sport? I think not!

2. He's hella confident. He doesn't sit around wondering whether or not he should float through your window at night. He just comes in, stands there quietly, and watches you sleep. Permission has it's place, but have the guts to handle your business. We don't want to always be one step ahead of you.

And, drum roll please...

The #1 reason why Edward Cullen is Better Than a Human Guy:

Can you say lullaby?

1. He's a vampire musician. Yes, how utterly romantic that he is capable of writing his own music -- for you. It has nothing to do with being the "rock star" type. We don't like groupies; I mean, who really wants a man who pockets all the change in town (if you catch my drift)? Music is the language of the heart, and I think I've lost mine.